15 Beautiful Beach Wedding Ideas to WOW your Guests!

You always knew you wanted to get married by the sea since you were a little girl. Beach wedding ideas always seem to be endless. Imagine white sand, blue ocean, tropical trees, picturesque view, beautiful table setups, and an overall romantic vibe. Now, it is time for your dream wedding to come true. Oh, the joy and excitement! But where do you begin? Don't worry! We have collected 18 lovely beach wedding ideas to inspire your beach wedding preparations.


1. Start with a beach-inspired wedding invitation


The invitation tells your guests what to expect on your special day

Set the mood for a fun beach wedding and incorporate your ideas in the invites. Put common beach wedding elements like a turquoise blue background, seashell, tropical plants, wooden signs and more.

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2. Blend with nature for a beautiful ceremony backdrop

A ceremony setup either makes or breaks a wedding. This is a big deal, right? After all, this is where you and your partner will say your vows to each other and commit to a lifetime of happiness.

The backdrop can be as simple or as elegant as you want it to be. Just don't overdo the styling. The beach is already so picturesque. Choose elements that highlight and complement the tranquil beach scenery. Whether you opt for pastels or neutrals or vibrant and bold, your beach wedding ceremony is sure to be amazing.


3. Stand out with a unique wedding arch

One thing you can do to stand out is to be creative with the wedding arch! This is easily the most photographed part of any wedding. Did you know that a wedding arch can be circular,triangular or angular in shape? 

Depending on your theme and preference, you may use driftwoods, tropical palms, light fabric, beach elements or beautiful flowers for decoration. Fresh flowers tend to be the most expensive, so if you are on budget get creative with starfish, shells or fabric.


4. Wear your beach wedding dress with a twist

You're getting married on the beach, honey! You can be as free-spirited as you want to be. Dreaming of a free flowy dress or a gown with a hint of blue or pink? Go for it! Light fabrics such as chiffon, satin and charmeuse are best for beach wedding dresses and will help you feel beautiful and free throughout the day. Don't forget about your girls... Choosing a fun and light beach wedding bridesmaid dress will have them loving you even more!

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5. Up your wedding shoe game

One of the most fun beach wedding ideas for couples is to wear matching funky shoes. Bridal sneakers are easily becoming popular and are good options if you don't want to have sore feet in a wedding. Definitely comfy and cute, too! Feeling more traditional? A classic wedge-style shoe is perfect for walking on the sand and will make you feel beautiful and comfortable.

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6. Opt for a beach wedding bouquet

Fresh flowers are one of the most expensive items in a wedding budget. Well, you’re at the beach, embrace it! Have fun with your beach wedding bouquet by adding in colorful seashells and carefully put them together in a bouquet. Another option is to use silk flowers for your beach wedding bouquet. This is more affordable and will last well beyond the wedding day and the cameras will never know the difference. This will definitely be one of the wedding highlights.

If you still want a flower bouquet, include a seashell or a starfish in the center to make it more fun.


7. Colorful is beautiful

Pastel-themed ideas make a great beach wedding. But hey, no problem if pastel isn't your style. Contrasting colors even make the celebration more vibrant. Dare to be as colorful and festive as you want to be.


8. Parasols are perfect for your bridesmaids

Parasols are another great beach wedding idea. Let your bridesmaids walk with a parasol instead of holding flowers. The parasols are beautiful, fun and can serve as shade during the ceremony. Your bridesmaids will also look great in photos.

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9. Hand fans as souvenirs

Another brilliant beach wedding idea are hand fans. Hand fans can be placed on each guests chair during the ceremony and include a Thank you Tag or have them personalized with your names and wedding date. They are a great addition to any beach wedding! Not only do they come in handy for the hot weather, but they can also serve as cute souvenirs for guests to bring home! Plus they come in all shapes and sizes!

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10. A boho themed reception is a great idea

One of the most popular beach wedding ideas is a boho themed reception. It is the perfect setting for those who want a romantic, laid-back and relaxing wedding.

Guests will surely enjoy the music, food, and drinks in a serene ambiance. Remember to set up comfortable chairs and colorful flowers. Let guests celebrate with you through smiles and laughter.


11. Or you could go rustic

While it is true that most rustic weddings have gardens as venues, you can still pull off your ideas of a romantic rustic wedding by the beach. Prepare woods, chalkboards, burlaps, vintage wedding attires and you're good to go! Complete the theme with a yummy rustic themed wedding cake.


12. Dare to experiment

Just because your planning a beach wedding, doesn't mean that you are limited to nautical, boho or rustic ideas. Let the beauty of the sea set you free and use sea elements as decor.

Add flair to the table settings by adding seashells and candles as centerpieces. Don't get boxed by a certain theme. After all, this is your beach wedding, your rules!


13. Don't forget the fun tropical signature drinks

A beach wedding is never complete without tropical cocktails or mocktails. Since you all traveled to the beach for the wedding festivities, elevate your experience by serving tropically inspired cocktails.

Toast your way to happiness with coconut margarita, lemon mint mojito, pineapple flavored rums, and pink gin cocktails. Don't forget to serve beer as well. These are great conversation openers and will keep the party going all night!

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14. Have a light-on-the-tummy seafood and salad party

Probably one of the most appealing ideas for a beach wedding is the seafood reception. Treat your guests to a delectable menu consisting of sushi, iced oysters, coconut shrimp, seafood pasta, and grilled fish among others. Add green salads and a few meat options as well. Be sure to incorporate local flavors. Show your guests why you choose the destination for your wedding. You’re in a fun reception, reception shouldn’t be too heavy!


15. String lights make for a romantic night

Add sparkle to your beach wedding by incorporating string lights in the outdoor reception, especially if your reception goes into the evening. You can also put lighted paper lanterns on the ground for a more special ambiance. These ideas instantly make the overall beach wedding vibe romantic and timeless on a budget.

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Capture all the perfect moments


Don't shy away from the camera. With the stunning nature as your backdrop, you have the perfect opportunity to take photos that show your love as a couple.

Great couple photo ideas for a beach wedding include walking along the shore, standing together inside a heart drawn in the sand, and capturing your silhouettes against the sunset.

Lastly, don't forget to relax enjoy your day. Get wet, be merry, dance through the night and make unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Now you have the best ideas for your beach wedding!


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