5 Reasons Destination Weddings are the Best!

Top Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding

Destination Weddings are on the rise…and for good reason.  One out of every 4 couples are choosing to celebrate their marriage with a destination wedding.  Below are five reasons to start planning a destination wedding:

  1. A destination wedding is more than just one day…it is a memorable event that can last up to several days
  2. With amazing scenery, a destination wedding provides a free, natural back drop for amazing photos
  3. Compared to a stateside wedding, a destination wedding can be more affordable and a better value for the money. Many resorts offer amazing deals so you can plan an affordable destination wedding within your budget
  4. A marriage is the uniting of families and friends together, what better way to begin the culmination of unity than a destination wedding where families and friends can share in an amazing experience and fun times together
  5. A destination wedding is more than one night, it is a unique experience that is sure to create lasting memories for everyone for the rest of their lives. A destination wedding has a greater impact and forever moments on all the guests and will be talked about for years to come.


Start planning your destination wedding today. Contact our destination wedding travel agents and wedding planners today! at Love@BeachyBride.com or take our BeachyBride Quiz to get started: https://beachybride.com/match-venues

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