5 Tips for Planning Your Beach Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding on the beach is a great way to celebrate, but it does have its own unique considerations.Pulling off a flawless event at the shore, or underwater, isn't without its own challenges, especially if you are planning a destination wedding. However, the journey is sure to be an amazing one!

One of the best reasons to plan a beach destination wedding is that you get to enjoy a memorable vacation with your family and guests. Imagine saying I do with the beautiful sunrise, gentle sea breeze and slow waves serenading you during your ceremony. Simply Breathtaking.

Here are five tips for planning your beach destination wedding, without all the stress.

Consider the Timing for your Ceremony

The ocean holds a beauty that is best captured in daylight hours or at sunset. Once the sun has gone down, the beautiful blue hues get lost in the darkness. That’s the best time to party! Unless you get lucky and get a full moon, it would be hard to appreciate the ocean’s beauty at night.

But there are many things you should consider when choosing a daylight ceremony. An early beach wedding ceremony could be ideal. Why?

For starters, you don’t want to get sunburned on your wedding day. And it’s not only your skin that will suffer but your décor, as well. Some flowers are more sensitive to heat and will wilt quickly. If you prefer an afternoon wedding, make sure to choose flowers and ceremony design that can hold up in high heat. Also, your on vacation, so having the ceremony early and a later reception is always an option.

Another option is to have the ceremony before sunset. The temperatures tend to be cooler and you will have breathtaking photos.

Public Beach vs. Private Beach

Having your wedding ceremony in your favorite seaside resort can be a dream come true but unless you rent the whole property, there’s a chance you will run into some guests. If screaming kids, yelling parents and too much noise is a concern, don’t forget to ask the resort of your choice a private wedding area.

A great option to ensure privacy, is the rent a private villa to host your destination wedding. 

Prepare a Back Up Plan

Rain and wind are two things you should prepare for when you plan a beach wedding. Mother Nature is unpredictable and the last thing you want to happen is getting soaked in the rain or everyone getting cold from the chilly wind, mid-ceremony. The solution? Have a wedding tent or an indoor shelter ready. Whether you use it or not, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your ready when these things happen unexpectedly.

Inform Your Guests

Indicate in your wedding invitation that the ceremony will be held on a beach. This will help your guests dress appropriately and bring their own essentials like sunglasses, hats, paper fans and shawls. You want your guests to enjoy the whole event and be comfortable as much as possible. Another great idea is to create welcome bags for your guests with all the essentials, in case they may have left some behind. Your guests will love the thoughtful gesture and appreciate having the necessities.

Dress Appropriately

In a beach wedding, not all dresses, veils and heels will work.

Choose a dress that’s lightweight. When it comes to your veil, follow Michelle Rago’s advice, "Keep in mind a veil is a bit like a sail in the wind. The less fussy your veil, the prettier your photos will look".
As for your footwear, you don’t have to go barefoot but you might want to ditch those pointy heels. Wear something comfortable like flat-sole sandals or wedges.

Most of all relax and celebrate in the beauty of your destination surrounded by your friends and family!





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