Outside the Box - Wedding Registry Ideas

Your guests want to buy you what you really want, that is the whole purpose of a registry. You pick out what you want, making it easier for guests to shop for you. Great idea! However, you are no longer limited to the offerings of the big box stores. There are so many other options for wedding registries. From online shopping, to international marketplaces to gifts for your honeymoon. Big box store registries are losing steam, and for good reason. I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond last week to shop for my best friend’s bridal shower gift, and to be honest, there was nothing exciting about picking out a bed topper and 4 hand towels. In fact, there is nothing exciting about opening a bed topper and 4 hand towels! However, the $300 hairdryer was hilarious…that is so her, lol!

Here are a few of our favorite wedding registries for Beachy Brides. We may receive a small commission if you decide to use their registry, but this does not affect your pricing at all.


Amazon Wedding Registry


Amazon is the new marketplace and it has EVERYTHING, with the world’s largest selection, making it the perfect place to start your registry. Also, being online, it is so easy for your guests to find your items, purchase and have them shipped. They can ship to you directly, or to themselves to wrap and bring to the shower. There is so much flexibility. Plus, Amazon Registry is offering a percentage discount for you when you create your registry and free shipping over $25 (subject to change). Don’t like the gift? Returning your items is easy with Amazon, and you can return up to 180 days.


Amazon wedding registry also has a ton of great features. You can easily edit your items and share your registry with guests. One of the best things with an Amazon Wedding Registry is no need for your Maid of Honor to write down every gift as you open it, Amazon Registry keeps track for you and you can create a thank you list in a click of a button! Plus guests never even have to leave the house.


Shop for what you really want for your wedding registry. You can shop by designer, category, room or collection with an Amazon wedding registry. Love Kate Spade? We do! Find adorable Kate Spade Collection cups, dishes, and more! Actress Jennifer Lawrence is getting married, too, and you can check out all the awesome items she chose for her wedding registry


Adorable martini glasses, fondue sets, pasta machines, and everything you need for traveling. Think about items you will need for your destination wedding. Add useful items like new luggage, a Go Pro to capture all your adventures, or a cashmere travel set to make the airplane ride pure bliss. Whatever you need, Amazon will have it all!

Amazon is the perfect place for your wedding registry. Start your Amazon Wedding Registry, Today!





Beachy Brides are all about experiences, so your wedding registry should be too! Dreaming of the Maldives or Fiji, and wishing your family could contribute? A Honeyfund wedding registry helps you do just that! Your guests can make contributions to your honeymoon experiences, instead of buying items that you probably will never use. You can create a personalized page and guests can choose to contribute towards your plane tickets, hotel, and even buy unforgettable excursions in your destination. Of course, you can still have one or two other traditional registry options, but adding a Honeyfund is a creative way for guests to feel good about giving you what you really need…cash for your travels 😊


Start your Honeyfund. Create your free Honeyfund and start exploring!



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Vendor Registration

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