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We celebrate weddings in paradise! And the most important thing for us is to make this a perfect and smooth day for you as a couple. We care about our clients needs and style and we give you the best advice so it can be a smooth and amazing day, that is why we will want to communicate with you, your needs, your doubts, we will always be there for you during the planning process and day of ceremony so,

Let's do it! what's next?

Let's Meet! 

Planning a wedding can be immensely stressful and intensely time consuming, especially when it is a destination wedding in Costa Rica! So many things to think about! Foreign language, hotel accomodations, find vendors you can trust...

It can be very challenging...

Thankfully you can trust me!

I will guide you through every step of the wedding planning process covering all creative, organizational, technical and logistical aspects of your wedding celebration. It will be a one stop shop, so you won't have to deal with different vendors and try to put it all together.

From now on you can consider me your best friend in Costa Rica, I will make sure you have a smooth and happy planning.

But first of all we need to meet each other! You have to get to know me so you can trust me and I would love to meet you, get to know your style, discuss your needs and expectations in detail so we can design your wedding day together. Communication is key to success so, Yes! I want to know the most I can so I can understand your wishes.


Erika Barreiro Wedding Planner | Amore Paraiso Wedding Planner

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