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Reverend Robert Gibson

Vows by Sun, Earth, Air, and Sea . . . Allow Nature’s Caribbean Elements to combine with presentation and poetry, to create a perfect beginning in a beautiful tropical setting. Experience your dream in paradise with a ceremony that touches the heart, mind, and soul forever. Whatever your hearts desire, love is in the air on Aruba. From barefoot in the sand beneath swaying palm trees to spectacular vistas from beach, cliff, deck, dune, pier, or reef, let Aruba’s natural wonders be your gateway to a memory of a lifetime.


Experience Aruba Eloquence!

Ceremonies should be expressions of the sacred reality of your true love. When the atmosphere and words of your special ceremony reflect the love that you and your partner feel for each other it will be a powerful launch of your new life, a new beginning. And a ceremony performed by Reverend Robert Gibson will speak eloquently to you both of your life’s voyage together. So allow me to be the one to deliver the perfect start to your marriage, a union created in heaven and consummated on earth . . . a wedding in paradise, . . . an eloquent ceremony by the sea.
“ Remember, . . . the ceremony is why you are here”! Ceremonies are rituals, moments in time when we pause to celebrate, take notice, and make a vision into an experience. A ceremony is an everlasting investment and moment in time that creates a beautiful foundation for the future. Are you looking to escape to a simple, romantic getaway that captures and reflects your heartfelt love and unique spirit? If you want the perfect ceremony, in the right location, at the right time, performed in the right way, then be sure to choose the right reverend, . . . Reverend Robert Gibson. My ceremonies are personally written and powerfully delivered. They contain moving sentiments about love life, and marriage. Something simple yet exceptional, creating a warmth that puts all at ease, opening pathways for a richer and deeper experience of love and commitment. The right readings convey in words what your heart is feeling and desires to say. Everyone should feel connected to the circle of love you are creating. And my belief that there is a sweet synchronicity to the universe helps weave those connections together into an everlasting fabric. Make your special occasion and celebration an Aruba Eloquent one!


Romantic island ceremonies are what dreams are made of, so be open-hearted lovers and allow me to help turn your dreams into reality. Discover romance, . . . island style, with a custom ceremony performed by Reverend Robert Gibson, Aruba’s premier wedding officiator. The sunny southern Caribbean island of Aruba is the ideal setting for your Sunrise, Sunset, or Midnight Moonlight Ceremony. Whether it is a Wedding celebration, a Renewal of Wedding Vows, or a Love and Commitment Ceremony, let me add some spirituality, insightful understanding, humor, and a special touch of love to your special day. Allow me to put your hearts and mind’s feelings and emotions into words. My passion is to deliver the perfect poetic island ceremony.

Experience Aruba Eloquence!


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