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There just isn’t enough vacation time to do everything, so you go for the widest variety, make the most of the moments… and above all, try to have the most fun whenever possible. All of you with the heads nodding, hands raised, folks who just stood up and cheered at the office — you’re Carnival Panorama’s people! Our newest ship is packing all the best, most delicious fun from her sister ships Carnival Vista® and Carnival Horizon®, but still manages to stand out. Carnival Panorama sails from Long Beach, California — our first brand-new ship to grace the port in 20 years! This means L.A. style for sure, but this ship visits top spots across Mexico’s postcard-perfect Pacific coast: names like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and more!

FUN SO WIDE EVERYBODY FINDS A FAVE - Whether your thing is indoor fun or outdoor sun — or both; both are nice — there are so many ways to fill your days on Carnival Panorama.

FUN SO WIDE EVERY TASTE BUD’S HAPPY - Find a variety of flavors and styles aboard Carnival Panorama, from grab-it-anytime casual to reservations-kinda fancy.

FUN SO WIDE THERE’S A ROOM FOR YOU - Carnival Panorama has room types for all. Choose cozy, go lavish… plus there’s rooms especially for families or spa-life devotees.

FUN SO WIDE THERE’S 15 DECKS TO EXPLORE - Before you sail, you can start by daydreaming. Check out where you’ll find the fun all across Carnival Panorama.

FUN SO WIDE YOU GET A WHOLE COAST - And what a coast! Explore postcard-perfect Mexican Riviera, featuring desert beaches, eco-adventure and plenty of Pacific charm. 

FUN SO WIDEIT MAKES HEADLINES - The ship’s just getting started and there's already a lot to say about Carnival Panorama! Find out what’s already so exciting.


*Alcohol and soda packages may have additional costs





So now you’re engaged… congratulations! You’ve found that one perfect person and a beautiful thing. If you’re looking for a wedding as unique as the two of you, we’d like to suggest making a Carnival cruise the place you’ll become one. When you do you’ll enjoy a wedding at your choice of stunning locations… and after, you’ll also enjoy an amazing honeymoon.A Carnival cruise wedding includes everything you need, like a staff dedicated to the details. We’re ready to serve you, ready to make sure this unforgettable day with friends and family turns out even better than you could have imagined.

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