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Throughout my site, I try to give you a good feel of my work. I post not just 1 or 2 pictures from each shoot – but many photos from each shoot! I do this because I want you to see that you won't get just a few spectacular pictures from your time with me. You'll get lots of them. 

You can look at photo and instantly remember all the intricate details that made up an exact moment in time. The way the bride looked just before she was about to walk down the aisle; or the way your little son or daughter looked the day they lost their first tooth.

Photos are perfect for filling in the blanks. Just a quick glance at the right picture can bring back a flood of recollections hidden deep within your memory. All those details that your brain can't remember on its own – like how high the tide was at Flamingo Beach, or what the clouds looked like at dusk. Whether that Tamarindo sunset was orange or pink, or how your child was always smiling at that age (and how crazy fast they've grown since!). 

Whether or not you live here or are just visiting, a photo session with a professional photographer in Costa Rica can help you remember your vacation in a way that no trinket or souvenir could possibly replicate.

Tamarindo Family Photos is perfect for everything from casual family beach portraits to weddings, surprise proposals, engagement photos, senior pictures, maternity photos, family reunions and more.

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